Biomass charcoal production brings a new method and technology of producing charcoal instead of traditional charcoal production.

Traditional materials for making charcoal are all wood logs, branches, bamboo, etc. It causes a lot of timber cutting. The traditional charcoal-making method is to build a charcoal kiln to char the wood. The emission of harmful gases and sewage has caused serious damage to the environment. Since October 1, 2004, China has completely banned the export of charcoal made from natural wood. Biomass charcoal makes up well the gap of the market.


Bring biomass charcoal technology to customers

Our factory began to develop and manufacture the biomass charcoal machine in 2000. The main products are wood briquette machine, carbonizing machine, charcoal briquette machine and etc. We are committed to develop and improve the technology of producing charcoal from biomass wastes. In 2011, we founded the international department to introduce our technology to many countries. We have helped our customers start their charcoal business and create jobs in their local. Above all, making charcoal from biomass wastes helps them reduce tree felling, and protect the environment.


Charcoal making machine customers in Africa


Suleiman is a Tanzanian charcoal producer. He purchased two sets charcoal briquette machines and one set carbonization furnace from us. We are glad to know that our machines and technologies help him establish the charcoal business and creat value. In these pictures he shared with us, He is introducing the bio char briquettes to the Minister of Vice President Office Environment.

One ton per hour sawdust briquettes line build in Kenya

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