A bamboo charcoal machine is the equipment for producing raw bamboo charcoal or bamboo briquette charcoal. Raw bamboo charcoal is made of bamboo tubes, In addition to being common as barbecue carbon, and heating fuel, it is especially porous charcoal, which is also used in the manufacture of active carbon. Bamboo briquette charcoal is made from bamboo wastes, such as bamboo dust, chips, and offcuts, etc.

According to the main processes, bamboo charcoal machines are classified as carbonization machines and bamboo briquette machines.

Bamboo carbonization machine

As the key equipment for charcoal production, the production of bamboo charcoal is naturally inseparable from the carbonization furnace. Customers can choose the appropriate type of carbonization furnace according to their own production needs.

Horizontal carbonization furnace

Horizontal carbonization machine


Water cooling: 3-4 hrs, Natural cooling: 6-8 hrs

Diameter: 1.3m, deepth: 3m

Loading bamboo: around 1.5 tons, loading bamboo briquettes: around 3.5 tons

Raw bamboo charcoal output around 500kg/batch, bamboo briquette charcoal output 1200kg per batch

It includes the smoke purifier system and steel basket

Bamboo briquette machine

According to the materials for pressing, the bamboo briquette machine is divided into a bamboo waste briquette machine and a bamboo charcoal briquette machine.

Bamboo waste briquette machine

Bamboo waste briquette machine is also called sawdust briquette machine. It compresses the bamboo dust into a rod shape, then the bamboo dust briquette is carbonized to charcoal by the carbonization furnace. The whole process doesn’t need any binder.

Bamboo charcoal briquette machine

Bamboo charcoal briquette machine includes the charcoal extruder machine and pillow charcoal press.

pillow charcoal press machine

pillow charcoal press machine

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