Two ways to make BBQ charcoal briquettes

There are two ways of making charcoal briquettes. Here we introduce the process materials→carbonizing→crushing→mixing→briquetting . We can produce different shapes of charcoal briquettes by this method.

Different shape charcoal briquettes

If you have interests in another process: biomass materials → crushing → drying → briquetting → carbonization → charcoal briquettes, you can visit the below article for the details.

How to produce BBQ charcoal briquettes

A complete BBQ charcoal briquettes production line includes the Carbonization stove, charcoal grinder, charcoal powder mixer, charcoal briquettes machine, dryer, packing machine and etc.

All the machines and processes are the same as that for making coconut shell charcoal briquettes. You can reference the below article for more details.

Common questions about making BBQ charcoal briquette

1.Which kind of materials can be used for producing BBQ charcoal briquettes?

biomass materials for making charcoal

Rice husk, coconut shell, wood, peanut shell, bamboo and etc. No matter which way you choose to make charcoal briquettes, the material moisture is better less than 20% for carbonizing. The drier the better.

2. How to choose carbonizing machine?

The airflow carbonization furnace can be used for charring most of the big-size materials such as coconut shells, wood branches, sawdust briquettes, bamboo, etc.

For small size materials, like rice husk, palm shell, wood chips, etc, the continuous carbonization furnace is more suitable.

3. Which kind of grinder is good for crushing charcoal?

Hammer grinder is good for crushing charcoal to powder. A cyclone will reduce the dust a lot.

4. What can be used as binder for the BBQ charcoal briquettes

Usually, we recommend customers use corn starch, cassava starch as binders. They are natural, non-toxic, and low cost.

5. How much water we should add when mixing the charcoal?

The moisture of charcoal should be around 20% after mixing. There is a simple method to judge if the moisture of mixed charcoal powder reaches the standard. Grasp the charcoal powder, squeeze it by hand, if the charcoal powder can form together and no water squeeze out, the charcoal water content is ok.

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