Charcoal Briquette Machine Brief Introduction

Charcoal briquette machine refers to the equipment for compressing the charcoal powder or coal dust into different shape blocks. According to the different briquetting principles and briquette shapes, we divide them into 4 types, charcoal briquette extruder, pillow charcoal machine, shisha charcoal press machine, and honeycomb coal briquette machine.

charcoal briquettes of different shapes

Charcoal Briquettes Application

Charcoal briquettes are mainly used as solid fuel in both households and industries. You can see them used for roasting meat on the BBQ grill, burning on the household stove for cooking, heating the industrial boiler in factories, etc. It is a good business for producing charcoal briquettes.

charcoal briquettes for stove and BBQ grill

How to get charcoal/coal materials for making briquettes

  1. Waste charcoal or coal dust. In the charcoal production plant or coal mine, there is a lot of waste charcoal/coal in small pieces and dust. These waste charcoals can be collected and used for making briquettes. It is not only a good way to get cheap materials for making briquettes, but also turn the waste into wealth, increasing the level of resource utilization.
  2. Make charcoal from biomass materials, such as waste wood, branches, coconut shell, rice husk, bamboo, palm shell, etc. You need to build a charcoal kiln to produce charcoal or use the carbonization furnace for charring the biomass materials into charcoal.

Requirements of charcoal for making briquettes

  1. Size. The charcoal or coal size should be less than 5mm so that they can be easily pressed into briquettes.
  2. Moisture. The moisture of charcoal for making briquettes is around 30%. Proper moisture is good for the briquettes forming and increasing the density of the charcoal briquettes.
  3. Biner. Usually, the binder is necessary for the charcoal briquettes processing. Binder can make the charcoal briquettes more solid and smooth. The most common binder is corn starch or cassava starch. The best binder adding rate is 4%-6%. There are also some customers who add the combustion improver to accelerate the lighting speed of charcoal. No matter binder or ignite accelerating agent, you can use a charcoal mixer to blend the charcoal powder with water and additive evenly.

Charcoal Briquette Extruder Machine

The charcoal briquette extruder machine adopts spiral extrusion molding. It mainly includes the machine base, bearing seat, screw shaft, cylinder body, discharge port, and mold. The whole set briquette extruder machine is driven by an electric motor. The common mold shape is hexagonal, octagonal, square, and round. Besides, the briquettes core can be solid or hollow.

hexagonal charcoal briquettes machine

Technical parameters of charcoal extruder machine

Model Power Capacity Dimension Weight
BLTB-140 11kW 300-400 kg/h 2*1*1.1m 700kg
BLTB-180 18.5kW 800-1000 kg/h 2.4*1.2*1m 1000kg

Spare parts and briquette cutter of charcoal extruder machine

Spare parts and charcoal briquettes cutter

How the extrusion briquette machine work

Pillow Charcoal Machine

Pillow charcoal press is a roller type charcoal briquette machine. It can convert charcoal/coal powder into oval shape and pillow shape briquettes. This machine includes two press rollers and the roll grooves can be customized to produce different shape and size coal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are solid and convenient for packing and transportation. They are widely used for barbecue, grilling, refractories, power plants, and metallurgy.

charcoal briquettes press machine

Press Roller of charcoal press machine

The common shape of the mold is oval shape and pillow shape. If you want to know more about spare parts for pillow charcoal machines, you can read the blog Coal Briquette Machine Press Roller

Press roller of charcoal briquette press

Technical parameters of coal briquette press

Model Power Capacity Dimension Weight
BLYQ-290 5.5kW 2-3t/h 1250*1250*1400 mm 650kg
BLYQ-360 7.5kW 3-4t/h 1500*1500*1800 mm 900kg
BLYQ-430 11kW 4-5t/h 2100*1700*2100 mm 3000kg

Pillow charcoal briquette machine working video

Shisha Charcoal Machine

Shisha charcoal machine is mainly composed of a pair of punches. The punch presses up and down to press the granular charcoal into tablet-like shisha coals. It can produce different diameters charcoal tablets and cubes.

hookah charcoal machine

Shisha Charcoal Briquettes Processing

  1. Weigh a certain proportion of binder and water, stir well, and put aside.
  2. Feed the charcoal powder to the wheel milling mixer and add an appropriate amount of combustion improver to mix evenly.
  3. Add the prepared binder into the charcoal powder in proportion and continue to stir until the powder is not dispersed.
  4. Put the uniformly stirred carbon powder into a shisha/hookah charcoal machine to make charcoal tabletsof various shapes.

Shisha charcoal machine working video

Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine

Honeycomb coal briquette machine can compress the small coal pieces and dust into coal blocks with holes. Its mold can be changed easily to produce cylindrical shape and square shape briquettes. The coal briquette diameter range is 90-250mm with different hole quantity. Honeycomb coal is widely used as household fuel for cooking.

honeycomb coal briquette machine

Honeycomb Coal Machine Working Video

Parameters of honeycomb briquette machine

Model BLMQ-120 BLMQ-140 BLMQ-160 BLMQ-220
Capacity 45pcs/min 45pcs/min 45pcs/min 45pcs/min
Honeycomb coal briquette diameter φ100-φ120mm φ100-φ140mm φ100-φ160mm φ180-220mm
Coal briquette height 70-80mm 70-80mm 70-80mm 70-80mm
Power 5.5kW 7.5kW 7.5kW 11kW
Belt rotating speed 406r/min 406r/min 406r/min 406r/min
Dimension 1280*1160*1750mm 1320*1260*1850mm 1400*1300*2000mm 1580*1450*2200mm
Weight 1200kg 1400kg 2000kg 4000kg

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