How are hookah coals made

What are hookah coals Hookah coals are used for heating the tobacco in hookah smoking. Hookah is also called shisha, Nargile, and hubble-bubble in different countries and areas. With the popularity of hookah around the world, the demand for hookah coals is rising fast. You can find them on the shelves of supermarkets and online shops. So if you want to start or extend your charcoal business, it is a good choice to produce hookah coals. How are the hookah coals made? I think It will take you a lot of time to gather the information. Fortunately, we have done this tough work for you. In the article, we will tell you how to make the best [...]

What’s the best materials for making charcoal briquettes

Good raw materials are the basis for the production of high-quality charcoal. In theory, many biomass can be used to produce charcoal, such as sawdust, bamboo powder, rice husk, bagasse, and so on. But it needs to be clear that under the same conditions, the quality of the carbon produced by different materials is different. So what is the best raw material for making charcoal? Studies have shown that ash content directly affects the combustion performance of biomass charcoal. The lower the ash content, the better the combustibility of charcoal. The data tested by agricultural experts show that: coconut shell ash content is 0.61%, sawdust ash content is 0.9%, cotton stalk ash content is 5.1%, rice husk ash [...]

Make charcoal from bamboo wastes

Can I make charcoal from bamboo wastes from my toothpick factory? This is the beginning of the conversation between a Columbia customer and us. The customer owns a toothpick factory and they process tons of bamboo every day. In this factory, there is a lot of bamboo waste, like bamboo shavings, powder, dust, and scraps. He was thinking about how to take advantage of these bamboo wastes instead of discarding or burning them. So he looked for the method and solution on the internet and found our company. Through discussion, we understand his demands and provided him with this charcoal production line solution of one ton per hour accordingly. Design of bamboo wastes charcoal production line [...]

BBQ Charcoal Briquettes Plant

BBQ charcoal briquettes plant includes complete charcoal-making processes from carbonizing to briquettes production. BBQ charcoal briquettes are common goods on sale at the supermarket. It has the features of smokeless, less ash, longer burning time, and better commodity attributes. Two ways to make BBQ charcoal briquettes There are two ways of making charcoal briquettes. Here we introduce the process materials→carbonizing→crushing→mixing→briquetting . We can produce different shapes of charcoal briquettes by this method. If you have interests in another process: biomass materials → crushing → drying → briquetting → carbonization → charcoal briquettes, you can visit the below article for the details. How to produce BBQ charcoal briquettes A complete BBQ charcoal [...]

Biomass Charcoal Briquettes Plant

Biomass materials for making charcoal Biomass materials include forest wastes, agricultural wastes, etc. Materials like coconut shells, waste wood, branches, bamboo, etc can be carbonized into charcoal directly. Some materials like sawdust from sawmills, furniture factories, bamboo sawdust from toothpick factories, etc, are not suitable for carbonization directly. How to make charcoal from sawdust? We need to adopt the charcoal production process of biomass charcoal briquettes plant. Biomass charcoal briquettes plant consist of crusher, dryer, biomass briquette machine, carbonization machine, etc. The process of biomass charcoal making is sawdust→briquettes→charcoal. Materials like wood sawdust, bamboo wastes, rice husk, etc are suitable for this method. These materials are small in size, soft, and burn to ash easily. Making briquettes [...]

How to produce rice husk charcoal

Rice husk charcoal is formed by insufficient combustion of rice husk when heated to below its ignition temperature. Rice husk is the outermost part of the rice seed which is a hard layer and a waste material from rice milling. Therefore, the raw materials for producing rice husk charcoal are abundant and low in cost. The production of rice husk charcoal is a low-cost and high-yield business. There are two ways to make charcoal from rice husks, one is to directly carbonize it into charcoal through a carbonization furnace, and the other is to first make a shaped rod and then carbonize it into charcoal. Here we will introduce these two methods separately. Carbonize rice husk to charcoal directly There are [...]

How to make coconut shell charcoal (Step by step)

Coconut shell charcoal application Coconut shell charcoal is gradually becoming popular all over the world. As a totally natural, environmentally friendly biofuel, it can be used as a fuel substitute against fuelwood, kerosene, and other fossil fuels. Besides, it is also made into charcoal briquettes for shisha, cooking, BBQ, industrial boilers, etc. Cheap and abundant coconut shell resource People often discard the coconut shell after drinking coconut milk. In many tropical countries and regions that are rich in coconuts, you can see many coconut shells piled up on roadsides, markets, coconut processing plants, etc. In these places, you can get abundant coconut shell resources at a very low cost. Basic factors for building a coconut [...]

4 Kinds Charcoal Briquette Machine

Charcoal Briquette Machine Brief Introduction Charcoal briquette machine refers to the equipment for compressing the charcoal powder or coal dust into different shape blocks. According to the different briquetting principles and briquette shapes, we divide them into 4 types, charcoal briquette extruder, pillow charcoal machine, shisha charcoal press machine, and honeycomb coal briquette machine. Charcoal Briquettes Application Charcoal briquettes are mainly used as solid fuel in both households and industries. You can see them used for roasting meat in BBQ grill, burning in the household stove for cooking, heating the industrial boiler in factories, etc. So it is a really good business for producing charcoal briquettes. How to get charcoal/coal materials for briquetting Waste [...]

Coal Briquette Machine Press Roller

Coal Briquette Machine Press roller is a key component and also a vulnerable part. The life of the press roller determines the service time of the briquetting machine, and also determines the size and shape of briquettes. When we purchase the spare parts of charcoal briquette press, in addition to asking the price, it is also important for us to know about its material, shape, size, design and maintenance. Materials of Coal Briquette Machine Press Roller Roller shell materials of the coal press machine are divided into 65 manganese, 9 chromium 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy and so on. Different press rollers should be selected when pressing different materials. 65Mn roller shell is relatively popular and Cheap. [...]

Wood Briquette Machine Spare Parts

Wood Briquette Machine Spare Parts Wood briquette machine spare parts include the screw propeller, mold, and heating rings. They are the key parts, also the vulnerable parts of the sawdust briquette machine. So in charcoal production, it is very useful to know well about their design, service life, and maintenance. Screw propeller Screw propeller is an important part of wood briquette machine. Normally screw propeller should be dismounted to check after 3-5 days’ working. We suggest use wear-resisting and heat-resisting electrode for repairing. Due to different raw materials, the continuous working time of screw propeller is different. We can judge the wear of propeller according to the working condition of briquette machine. When the wood briquette machine [...]

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