Wood Briquette Machine Spare Parts

Wood briquette machine spare parts include the screw propeller, mold, and heaters. They are the key parts, as well as the quick-wear parts of the sawdust briquette machine. So in sawdust briquettes production, it is very useful to know well about the design, service life, and maintenance of spare parts. Screw propeller Screw propeller is [...]

Operation Manual of Wood Briquette Machine

What's Wood Briquette Machine Wood briquette machine refers to the equipment for making rectangular or hexagonal logs as fuel from biomass materials, such as sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, wood chips, etc. Materials for making briquettes are required <5mm in size and <12% moisture. So the accessory equipment wood crusher and sawdust dryer usually are needed. [...]

Differences between wood charcoal and activated carbon

During the communication with customers, we find that many customers make a mistake that the carbonization furnace can also produce activated charcoal. Though the two products names all include “charcoal”, actually there are many differences between them. Below are the differences between wood charcoal and activated carbon I collected, hope they can give some help [...]

How To Repair The Screw Propeller Of Briquette Machine

The screw propeller of the briquette machine is the easiest wear part. For beginners in biomass briquette production, there is a little difficult for them to repair it without any guidance or training.  This article can provide some help. Diameter of the head screw and second screw increase progressively. From The [...]

Charcoal Conversion Rate

The charcoal conversion rate is a measure of how efficiently a biomass material can be converted into charcoal by pyrolysis. It is an important reference index for customers who want to invest in charcoal production. Because raw material is one of the most costly parts. How many tons of biomass materials to [...]

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