Coal Briquette Machine Press roller is the key component and also a vulnerable part of the briquette press machine. It determines the size and shape of the briquettes and also determines the service time of the briquette machine. When we purchase the spare parts for the charcoal briquette press, in addition to knowing the price, it is also important for us to know about its material, shape, size, design, and maintenance.

Coal Briquette Machine Press Roller

Materials of the coal briquette press roller

The roller shell materials of the coal press machine are divided into 65 manganese, 9 chromium 2 molybdenum, high chromium alloy, and so on. Different press rollers should be selected when pressing different materials.

65Mn roller shell is relatively popular and Cheap. It belongs to steel castings and is generally used in small scale briquette production, such as pulverized coal press, coke powder, and charcoal dust briquettes making.

9Cr2Mo, high chromium alloy press rollers are forged parts, mainly used for medium and large briquette presses with high output, which can press mineral powder, iron powder, magnesium oxide powder, laterite nickel ore, and many more.

9Cr2Mo press roller of briquette machine

Size and Shape of Coal Briquette Roller

The common shapes of press rollers are mainly oval, pillow, ovoid, etc. The size of the roller pit should be selected according to the raw material and briquettes shape.

If the roller pit is too small, the pressure of the whole machine cannot be reached, and there will be problems when the briquettes fall from the roller shell. Moreover, the production of small pit size press rollers is quite cumbersome, and the production cost is much higher than that of regular size press rollers.

If the size of the roller pit is too large, the hardness of the briquettes will decrease, and the strength of the finished product may not meet the requirements for use.


Therefore, for some common raw materials, we can refer to the following information to select the appropriate roll shape and size.

For the dry powder ball press, you need to choose a flat square shape roller pit, the roller pit is slightly smaller, and the pit is shallow. The main reason is that no adhesive is allowed in the production of dry powder molding. If the deep and large press rollers are used, the briquettes formation rate is not high, and it is even difficult to form.

For the charcoal or coal briquette machine, the large roller pit should be used as much as possible, and it should be set into a spherical shape, so that as long as the moisture content of the material and the amount of binder are controlled, the yield of the briquettes is as high as 95%.

According to the current production practice of briquettes, the current oval roller pit size is generally 50mm-70mm. As for the size of press roller of other shapes, it needs to be customized according to different requirements. The output of the coal briquette machine is also determined by the size of the press roller.


How to know the press roller needs to be replaced

1. Observe the quality of the briquettes produced by the charcoal press machine. If there are a lot of burrs and insufficient strength, it may be the problem of the roller. Excluding other factors, the roller should be replaced immediately.

2. Relying on personal experience. The experienced briquette machine operators can observe the wear of the rollers and then listen to the sound of the rollers to determine whether they need to be replaced. If there is abnormal sound or irregular briquettes, consider the wearing condition of the roller.


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