Drum chipper is heavy-duty equipment for producing wood chips. It is widely used in the material preparation section of wood chip mills, particleboard, fiberboard, paper mills, biomass fuel plants, etc.

The raw materials processed by the drum chipper are mainly logs, waste wood, wooden pallets, building templates, nailed boards, wood cutting residues (branches, twigs, etc.), and wood raw material processing residues (slabs, slats, round wood cores, waste veneers, etc.), which can also be used to cut non-wood materials (such as sugarcane, reed, bamboo, etc.).

materials for making wood chips

Drum chipper design structure

The BX series drum chipper has a compact and reasonable structure, easy operation, high production capacity, wide raw material adaptability, high chip quality, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance. It is currently a relatively advanced wood chipper in China.

The drum chipper is composed of a base, a knife roller, an upper and lower feeding mechanism, a feeding device, a hydraulic buffer system, and an electrical control system. The machine body is welded with a high-strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole machine.

complete set drum wood chipper

2-4 blades are installed on the blade roller, and the blades are fixed on the blade roller by means of pressure blocks with specially manufactured blade bolts. According to the different thicknesses of the raw materials, the upper feeding mechanism can be opened and closed within a certain range with the help of a hydraulic system. The cut qualified chips fall through the screen holes and are discharged from the bottom. The large wood chips will continue to be cut in the machine until they are finally discharged through the screen.

drum chipper structure

How the drum chipper work

Technical parameter of drum wood chipper machine

Model Main motor power Feeding motor power Oil pump motor power Conveyor motor power Capacity Inlet size Blade quantity Blade rotating speeding Wood chips size Dimension Weight
BX-215 45kW 2*2.2kW 1.5kW 3kW 3-4t/h 160*400mm 2pcs 590rpm 22-30mm 1470*1550*970mm 3000kg
BX-216 55kW 2*3kW 1.5kW 3kW 7-8t/h 230*500mm 2pcs 590rpm 22-30mm 1800*1900*1210mm 4000kg
BX-218 110kW 2*4kW 1.5kW 3kW 12-15t/h 300*680mm 2pcs 650rpm 22-30mm 2200*2150*1500mm 7000kg

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