Project Description

Honeycomb coal briquette machine refers to the equipment for punching the coal or charcoal powder into cylinder briquettes. Its mold can be changed easily to produce different shapes and diameters beehive briquettes.

honeycomb coal briquette machine

What does the honeycomb coal briquette machine can produce

Honeycomb coal briquettes are the main types of civil fuel in rural areas. It has been developed from cylindrical to square, polygonal, and concave shapes. There are various sizes of 100-250mm in diameter, with 12, 16, 19, 21 holes, etc. These holes improve convection, heat transfer performance, and the degree of coal burning, thereby increasing thermal efficiency. Besides, there are different molds for choice to make various shapes of coal briquettes. Both the shape and size can be customized. 

Diffrent shapes punching charcoal briquettes

Why Produce Honeycomb Coal Briquette

Ordinary honeycomb briquettes use anthracite as the raw material. The upper ignition briquettes are processed with low-quality coal such as bituminous coal, lignite, and coal slime as the main raw materials and various combustible materials. In addition to home cooking and heating, it is also popularized and applied in canteens and catering industries.
Combining briquette with advanced stoves, the thermal efficiency is 20%-45% higher than that of burnt coal. Generally, it can save coal by 20-30%, smoke dust by 40%-60%, and CO by 80%. After strengthening the sulfur agent, SO2 is reduced by 40%-60%, NOx is reduced by 55%, BaP is reduced by 90%, and the smoke blackness reaches Ringelmann 1/4 level. Significantly energy saving and environmental protection

advantages of coal briquettes

Honeycomb coal briquett machine structure and design

The whole set honeycomb coal machine consists of machine body, transmission part, coal feeding part, stamping part, and belt conveying part.

  1. The feeding part includes a rotating shaft, hopper, and mixer. Coal powder is mixed and filled into the mold.

3.  The coal briquette press body consists of the platen, engine base, and frames.

5. After the honeycomb briquette is finished, the belt conveyor carries the briquettes out.


2. The stamping part consists of the slider, sliding beam, punch, base, punching head, active mold, and spring. The compacting degree of coal briquettes is determined by the punching pressure.

4. The transmission part includes an electric motor, pulley, gearbox, and transmission shaft. Electric motor drove the shaft to make the plate and rotating disc working.

What’s the difference with the charcoal extruder

  • The charcoal extruder is suitable for making smaller diameter or longer charcoal briquettes.

  • Charcoal punching machine can make the briquettes in the same length automatically, but the charcoal extruder needs an extra cutting device.

  • Different working principles. Compare with the charcoal extruder, the cylinder charcoal punching machine has a bigger capacity.

How the honeycomb coal briquette machine work

Technical Parameters

Honeycomb coal briquette diameterφ100-φ120mmφ100-φ140mmφ100-φ160mmφ180-220mm
Coal briquette height70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm
Belt rotating speed406r/min406r/min406r/min406r/min

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