Project Description

Horizontal Airflow Carbonization Furnace Brief Introduction

Horizontal airflow carbonization furnace is a new type of machine for making charcoal. This furnace adopts a horizontal design to reduce machine height. So it is more convenient for feeding wood. Same as other airflow carbonization stoves, it also includes a smoke recycle system. Smoke generated in the carbonizing process enters the purifier and then be ignited for heating the furnace. Besides, the redundant gas can be used as the heat source for the sawdust dryer, boiler, etc.


Horizontal airflow carbonization furnace design

  • 1. Three layers structure of the furnace body. The inner layer is high heat transfer and wear-resistance steel for increasing the carbonizing temperature. The middle layer is the asbestos for insulation. The outer layer is painted steel.

  • 2. The door of the furnace is sealed with ceramic packing. This can prevent the air from entering the furnace and increase the charcoal yield. Ceramic packing is woven from high-quality ceramic fibers. It is widely used for the sealing of high-temperature equipment.

  • 3. Green and Energy Saving. The purifier tank can clean the smoke generated in the carbonizing. The cleaned gas enters the burning chamber through the pipes and then be ignited for heating the furnace. In this process, no harmful gas is emitted and reduces the consumption of wood, coal, LPG, etc for heating.

  • 4. Shorter Cooling time. This furnace adopts Air cooling or Water Cooling, which vastly shortens the cooling time after the carbonization finished.

  • 5. Guide Rail and Loading basket. They are uniquely equipped for the horizontal carbonizing machine. Workers can load the wood or briquettes into the steel basket and then push it into the carbonizing chamber. This design saves the labor cost a lot and makes the operation easier.


Various Charcoal Products

The horizontal airflow carbonization furnace can be used for charring the wood branches, wood logs, coconut shell, bamboo, sawdust briquettes, etc.


Technical Parameters

Model Diameter Dimension Weight Carbonizing time Capacity
BLWT-4 1.3m 3*1.7*2.1m 2.5t 8-10h 700-1000kg
BLWT-8 1.5m 4.5*1.9*2.3m 4.5t 8-10h 1500-2000kg
BLWT-13 1.9m 4.5*2.1*2.5m 6t 8-10h 2500-3000kg

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