Mineral briquette press can compress various mineral powders into solid briquettes with high strength and density. It can be used to press coal, charcoal, mineral powder, gypsum, coke powder, iron powder, fluorite powder, manganese ore powder, bauxite powder, aluminum powder, sludge, lime, refractory materials, etc. It is widely used in metallurgy, refractory, energy, heating, and other industries.

Hydraulic Mineral Briquette Roller Press

How to choose the right mineral briquette press

In the above machine introduction, you can find that the ore powder briquetting machine has a wide range of applications. But it is impossible to rely on only one briquetting machine. For different materials, we need to choose a suitable briquetting machine to achieve the best effect.

For some raw materials that need to be mixed with water and binder to form, an ordinary mechanical roller briquette machine is the best choice. These raw materials include coal powder, carbon powder, coke, desulfurization gypsum, etc

For the molding of materials that cannot contain water or mix any additives, only a dry powder briquette machine can be selected. Such as quicklime powder, magnesium oxide powder, copper powder, chrome ore powder, lead and zinc waste, bauxite, non-ferrous metal powder, refractory, ceramic materials, etc.

dry mineral powder briquettes

Working video of dry powder briquette press

Difference between Ordinary Briquette Press and Mineral Briquette Press

  • Ordinary briquette press is mainly used for wet materials, like coal power, charcoal powder, etc. The mineral briquette press can process both dry and wet materials.

  • Mineral briquette press is heavey duty machine, and both performance and cost are higher than the ordinary briquette machine.

  • Mineral briquette press can add hydraulic system and forced feeding device

Technical parameters of mineral briquette press

Model Speed of main shaft Motor power Capacity Dimension
BLYQ-290H 12-15r/min 7.5kW 1-3t/h 1.6*1.2*1.4m
BLYQ-360H 12-15r/min 11kW 3-5t/h 2.1*1.3*1.76m
BLYQ-430H 12-15r/min 18.5kW 4-7t/h 2.3*1.53*1.9m
BLYQ-500H 12-15r/min 30kW 5-10t/h 2.6*1.75*2.1m
BLYQ-650H 10-13r/min 55kW 8-13t/h 3.42*2*2.2m
BLYQ-750H 10-13r/min 75kW 12-17t/h 3.7*2.55*2.6m
BLYQ-850H 10-13r/min 110kW 15-20t/h 3.9*2.6*2.7m
BLYQ-1000H 10-13r/min 132kW 20-30t/h 4*2.8*2.8m

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