Sawdust briquette machine is a screw-type extrusion press for making briquettes as fuel from biomass materials. It is one of the main machines in making bio-charcoal briquettes. It is also called a biomass briquette press or wood charcoal machine.

sawdust briquette machine

Advantages of sawdust briquettes

  1. Wood sawdust briquettes can be used as fuel for burning directly. Compared with natural wood, it has a higher density and heating value.
  2. The sawdust briquette machine can use residual wood and agro-waste to produce briquettes, and these wood briquettes can be carbonized into charcoal. It changes the traditional way of making charcoal from lump wood, helping reduce tree felling.
  3. Compared with natural timber charcoal, sawdust briquette charcoal has a higher heating value and longer burning time.
Make charcoal briquettes from sawdust

Biomass Materials for making briquettes

Biomass materials for producing briquettes can be wood sawdust, rice husk, tree branches, coconut shell, coffee grounds, bagasse, peanut shell, bamboo, etc. One thing in common among these materials is that they all contain a certain amount of lignin. Lignin is an important ingredient for briquette forming, it can reform the shape in the condition of high pressure and high temperature.

biomass materials suitable for making briquettes

Required size and humidity of sawdust for making briquettes

The size and moisture of materials are important for making high-quality wood briquettes. Regarding the size of the material, it needs to be less than 5mm, and the moisture content should be less than 12%. To make the materials meet these requirements, you can choose a wood crusher and sawdust dryer to process the raw materials.

How to make sawdust briquettes

First, set the temperature of the sawdust briquette machine to 280℃. After the temperature rises to 280℃, begin to feed materials into the sawdust briquette machine. Sawdust is pushed by the rotating screw forward to the end of the mold. Under high temperatures and high pressure, sawdust is forming into briquettes and is expelled from the mold. The briquette producer needs to adjust the temperature according to the quality of the briquettes until to get the ideal wood briquettes.

You can read the below operation manual of the sawdust briquette machine for more details.

How the sawdust briquette machine work

The shape and size of sawdust briquettes

The shape and size of briquettes are determined by the mold barrel. Diameter of briquettes is 50mm. All of the briquettes made by the sawdust briquette machine are hollow. 

Hexagonal and square sawdust briquettes and mold barrel

Consumable parts of sawdust briquette machine

Spiral propeller

Driven by the pulley, the spiral propelling shaft continuously transports the material to the front outlet, and gradually increases the pressure on the material to extrude the material into shaped briquettes. Therefore, the front section of the propeller has the greatest friction with the material and is also the most susceptible to wear. Our screw propeller shaft is made of Cr40 steel, which has a good balance between the toughness and wear resistance of the propeller shaft. The front section of the spiral is overlayed with tungsten carbide electrodes to further increase wear resistance.

Heating elements

As mentioned earlier, sawdust is rich in lignin. Lignin is sticky under high-temperature conditions and helps to shape the sawdust. The heating temperature setting varies according to the material. If the raw material is wood sawdust, the temperature is generally set to 280° first and then adjusted to the optimal temperature according to the quality of the sawdust briquettes.

Molding sleeve

Molding sleeves are available in two shapes, square and hexagonal. The most popular size now is 4.8-5cm in diameter. Because after a large number of tests and production practices, it has been proved that the sawdust briquettes produced by 4.8-5cm molding sleeves have the best quality.

Technical parameter of sawdust briquette machine

Model Power Capacity Sawdust briquette diameter Sawdust briquette shape
ZBJ-I 18.5kW 200-300 kg/h 50mm Hexagonal and Square
ZBJ-II 22kW 300-400 kg/h 50mm Hexagonal and Square

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