Project Description

Wood crusher can process various wood materials into 3-20mm wood chips, shavings, and sawdust. It can be used for grinding the 1-45cm diameter wood, and also the bamboo, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, corn cob, etc. The whole set machine is driven by an electric motor, simple structure, high output, and low cost. It is widely used in charcoal making plant, artificial board factory, paper mill, edible mushrooms factory, etc.


Wood Crusher Working Principle

This crusher includes two inlets, one is for feeding wood branches and wood logs, the other is for feeding stalks and wood chips. Besides, it has both blades and hammers. Blades can cut the wood into chips and shavings. Hammers are rotating at high speed and striking the big size materials into small sawdust. When the sawdust reaches the required size, it can get through the mesh of the sieve and discharge from the outlet.


How the wood sawdust machine work, you can check the below video

Wood Crusher Spare Parts

The spare parts of the wood crusher incudes the baldes, hammers, and sieve. Blades are made of alloy, durable and sharp. Hammer is heated treated and surface hardened. Regarding the sieves, there are different mesh sizes from 3-20mm to produces various sawdust.

Spare parts of wood crusher

Application of wood sawdust

Wood crusher is a necessary machine in wood charcoal production. It grinds the wood to sawdust less than 5mm to meet the requirements of the sawdust briquette machine. In addition to this, sawdust can also be used in pellet making, mushroom planting, paper factory. The wood shavings can be used for making shaving board, and animal bedding.


Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Blade disc diameter Blade quantity Blade size Inlet size
420 11kW 1t/h 420mm 4pcs 90*60*10mm 18*15cm
500 18.5kW 1.5t/h 500mm 4pcs 120*70*10mm 20*18cm
600 30kW 2t/h 600mm 4pcs 150*70*10mm 23*20cm
700 37kW 2.5t/h 610mm 6pcs 150*100*10mm 24*20cm
900 55kW 2-4t/h 750mm 8pcs 150*140*10mm 27*25cm
1000 75kW 4t/h 750mm 8pcs 150*140*10mm 28*26cm

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