The screw propeller of the briquette machine is the easiest wear part. For beginners in biomass briquette production, there is a little difficult for them to repair it without any guidance or training.  This article can provide some help.

Sawdust briquette machine with the spare parts

Diameter of the head screw and second screw increase progressively. From The third screw to the end screw, the diameter is the same. The part that easily wears is the head and second screw. Select a good quality ordinary electrode, the first step on the original screw head is to increase the height of the circle, and then thicken the screw in a semi-vertical shape. After the completion, repeat the welding over the screw head until the expected requirements are met. Then use the grinder for rough grinding of the welded screw head, and use the alloy powder or carbon tungsten for welding.

screw propeller of briquette machine

R angle treatment on the root of the screw prepeller head, the surface of the screw propeller head should be smooth, no cracks, no pores. This minimizes the frictional resistance in briquettes production. In general, the screw head should be replaced after 1-2 days briquette machine working, no matter the wear is serious or not.


You can also reference the below video to learn how to repair the screw propeller

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