Small-scale charcoal making is a simple process that is suitable for homemade or new hands to start a charcoal production business. It usually consists of several small machines or even only one machine. Customers can start charcoal production soon without much installation work. Low investment, quick benefit. It is friendly for customers which have a limited budget.

Small scale lump charcoal making

natural wood lump charcoal

Natural lump charcoal means that the charcoal is made from actual wood, bamboo, coconut shell, etc. directly without any further process. To produce lump charcoal, you only need a carbonizing machine to produce it. For small-scale charring, you can choose the horizontal carbonization furnace or hoist carbonization furnace.

Small scale sawdust briquettes charcoal making

small scale wood charcoal briquettes making process

Sawdust is a very fine material, they are not suitable for carbonizing directly.  So the process of making charcoal from sawdust is making briquettes first, then carbonizing the sawdust briquettes into charcoal. A sawdust briquette machine and carbonization furnace are necessary machines for making charcoal from sawdust. You can also choose a wood crusher and sawdust dryer to process your materials if their sizes are big and moisture is high. 

Below is the working video of small scale sawdust charcoal-making plant

Small scale BBQ charcoal production

Small-scale barbecue charcoal production can only have one charcoal briquette machine, or it can be composed of a charcoal powder-making machine, a charcoal mixer, a briquette machine, etc.

Raw materials like wood logs, coconut shells, bamboo, olive, etc, can be carbonized into charcoal directly. If you want to make shaped BBQ charcoal briquettes, the process is s below,

1. Carbonize raw materials into charcoal

2. Crush the charcoal into charcoal powder

3. Mix the charcoal powder with water and binder

4. Make BBQ charcoal briquettes

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