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Bamboo charcoal machines

Bamboo charcoal machines are used for producing raw bamboo charcoal or bamboo briquette charcoal. Raw bamboo charcoal is made of bamboo tubes, In addition to being common as barbecue carbon, heating fuel, it is especially porous charcoal, which is also used in the manufacture of active carbon. Bamboo briquette charcoal is made by carbonizing bamboo briquettes, which are made of bamboo wastes, such as bamboo dust and offcuts, etc.According to the main processes, bamboo charcoal machines are classified as carbonization machines and bamboo briquette machines. Bamboo carbonization machine As the key equipment for charcoal production, the production of bamboo charcoal is naturally inseparable from the carbonization furnace. Customers can choose the appropriate type of carbonization [...]


Make charcoal from bamboo wastes

Can I make charcoal from bamboo wastes from my toothpick factory? This is the beginning of the conversation between a Columbia customer and us. The customer owns a toothpick factory and they process tons of bamboo every day. In this factory, there is a lot of bamboo waste, like bamboo shavings, powder, dust, and scraps. He was thinking about how to take advantage of these bamboo wastes instead of discarding or burning them. So he looked for the method and solution on the internet and found our company. Through discussion, we understand his demands and provided him with this charcoal production line solution of one ton per hour accordingly. Design of bamboo wastes charcoal production line [...]

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