Wood briquette machine spare parts include the screw propeller, mold, and heaters. They are the key parts, also the quick-wear parts of the sawdust briquette machine. So in sawdust briquettes production, it is very useful to know well about the design, service life, and maintenance of spare parts.

Screw propeller

Screw propeller is an important part of wood briquette machine. Normally screw propeller should be dismounted to check after 3-5 days’ working. We suggest use wear-resisting and heat-resisting electrode for repairing.

screw propeller of sawdust briquette machine

Due to different raw materials, the continuous working time of screw propeller is different. We can judge the wear of propeller according to the working condition of briquette machine. When the wood briquette machine has the following faults, the propeller needs to be repaired:

  1. Output speed of biomass briquettes reduces significantly
  2. Temperature and moisture contentof the raw materials are all up to the requirements, but the briquettemachine often gets stuck and cannot produce normally.
  3. Briquettescan be formed, but it is detached one by one and cannot be connected together.
  4. Wood briquettes arereleased quickly, but the structure is loose and the density is too low.
  5. The inner diameter of the finished briquettesis less than 15mm
  6. Due to entering foreign bodies such as stones and nails
modern design wood briquette machine

Steps of repairing briquette machine screw propeller

  • 1. Preheat the part of the propeller which needs to be repaired, bring the temperature to about 200 ℃

  • 2. Select wear-resistant electrode (707). According to the wear degree of the screw propeller, bead weld one layer first, remove the slag before the second layer is welded. The welding thickness exceeds the required thickness of 1-2mm. Welded propellers must not have defects such as slag inclusions and air holes.

  • 3. Insert the welded part into dry quicklime or plant ash and make it.

  • 4. Cool down to below 50 ℃ and take it out. Use a silicon carbide grinding wheel for grinding. Do not use excessive force or local overheating during grinding. Do not cool with water or other liquids.

  • 5. There must be no potholes or unevenness on the front surface of the spiral after grinding.

Heater of wood briquette machine

heater element of wood briquette machine

Heating ring is covered on the mould, its function is softing the lignin. The heating coil adopts the principle of resistance wire heating, with low power consumption and short thermal energy accumulation time. External materials of the heating ring is stainless steel, inner is High resistance 3kW. A charcoal machine is equipped with three heating rings, which can heat instantly and make the temperature quickly reach the set value.

The common fault of heating resistor

Q1. The heating ring is not burnt to red when it works

Q2. The heating speed is too slow

Q3. The temperature drops sharply after starting the briquette machine, and briquette machine is stuck

heating resistor of wood briquette machine

In these cases, you need to check working voltage of the heating coil is single-phase or three-phase.

Generally, the three-phase electric heating coil connection method is triangle method, and the single-phase electric heating method is star connection method.

Mould sleeve of wood briquette machine

The mould sleeve is one of the important parts in briquettes molding. Raw material can be shaped into the desired shape by it. The new type wood briquette machine(ZBJ-II) improves the structure of the fmould sleeve. After the structure of the forming cylinder is improved, the friction between the inner wall of the cylinder and the raw materials is reduced. This can increase the density of the wood briquettes and the burning time of the produced charcoal is more durable.


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