A wood processing machine is a device that performs various operations on wood, such as cutting, peeling, crushing, or shaving. Some common types of wood processing machines are:

Wood debarker: This machine removes the bark from logs or branches by rotating them against a sharp blade or a ring of teeth. The bark is then separated from the wood by a conveyor belt or a drum screen. Wood debarking improves the quality and efficiency of subsequent processes, such as sawing or chipping.
Wood crusher: This machine reduces the size of wood materials by using a rotating shaft with hammers or knives attached to it. The wood is fed into the machine through a hopper or a conveyor belt and then crushed into small pieces or chips. Wood crushers are used for making biomass pellets, briquettes, or charcoal.
Hammer mill: This machine grinds wood materials into fine powders by using a high-speed rotating hammer and a screen. The size of the powder can be adjusted by changing the screen size or the hammer speed. Hammer mills are used for making wood flour, animal feed, or compost.
Wood shavings machine: This machine produces thin and uniform wood shavings by cutting wood with a sharp blade or a planer knife. The wood shavings are then collected by a blower or a cyclone. Wood shavings are used for bedding, packaging, or insulation.


wood log debarker

Wood log debarker is a kind of lumber processing machine for removing the barks from wood logs. It adopts the slot type design which can peel different [...]


Wood Crusher

Wood crusher can process various wood materials into 3-20mm wood chips, shavings, and sawdust. It can be used for grinding the 1-45cm diameter wood, and also [...]


Drum Chipper

Drum chipper is a specially designed equipment for producing wood chips. It is widely used in the material preparation section of wood chip mills, particleboard, fiberboard, paper [...]


Wood shavings machine

Wood shavings machine is mainly used for mass production of flake shavings with uniform thickness. The output of the machine is 300-2000kg per hour, whether it [...]


Wood hammer mill

Wood hammer mill is another sawdust making machine. Its main function is to crush large-sized wood chips into 3-5mm sawdust for the production of wood pellets [...]

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