How to make BBQ charcoal

How to make BBQ charcoal? For many people who want to try to produce BBQ charcoal, this is the first question before them. With the popularity of barbecue all over the world, the market demand for BBQ charcoal has also increased, and the business of producing BBQ charcoal has gradually attracted the attention of investors. This article introduces the relevant information in detail from the raw materials for making barbecue charcoal, the types of barbecue charcoal, the production process, and the equipment involved. The raw materials for making BBQ charcoal Wood Wood is the most common raw material for producing BBQ charcoal, including hardwood, miscellaneous wood, fruit wood, etc. These woods can be [...]


How are hookah coals made

What are hookah coals Hookah coals are used for heating the tobacco in hookah smoking. Hookah is also called shisha, Nargile, and hubble-bubble in different countries and areas. With the popularity of hookah around the world, the demand for hookah coals is rising fast. You can find them on the shelves of many supermarkets and online shops. So if you want to start or extend your charcoal business, it is a good choice to produce hookah coals. How are the hookah coals made? I think It will take you a lot of time to gather the information. Fortunately, we have done this tough work for you. In the article, we will tell you how [...]


How to produce rice husk charcoal

Rice husk charcoal is formed by insufficient combustion of rice husk when heated to below its ignition temperature. Rice husk is the outermost part of the rice seed which is a hard layer and a waste material from rice milling. Therefore, the raw materials for producing rice husk charcoal are abundant and low in cost. Making rice husk charcoal is a low-cost and high-yield business. There are two ways of making charcoal from rice husk, one is directly carbonizing it into charcoal through a carbonization furnace, then compressing the rice husk charcoal into briquettes. The other is to compress rice husk into biomass briquettes first, then carbonize the rice husk briquettes into charcoal. Here we will introduce these two rice husk charcoal-making processes separately. [...]


How to make coconut shell charcoal (Step by step)

Coconut shell charcoal application Coconut shell charcoal is gradually becoming popular all over the world. As a totally natural, environmentally friendly biofuel, it can be used as a fuel substitute against fuelwood, kerosene, and other fossil fuels. Besides, it is also made into charcoal briquettes for shisha, cooking, BBQ, industrial boilers, etc. Cheap and abundant coconut shell resource People often discard the coconut shell after drinking coconut milk. In many tropical countries and regions that are rich in coconuts, you can see many coconut shells piled up on roadsides, markets, coconut processing plants, etc. In these places, you can get abundant coconut shell resources at a very low cost. [...]

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