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Zhengzhou Belong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional charcoal machine manufacturer located in Zhengzhou City, China. We provide customers with the technology and solution for producing charcoal from biomass materials, such as waste wood, lump, coconut shell, walnut shell, bamboo, palm kernel shell, sawdust, rice husk, etc. Our main products are carbonizing furnaces, biomass briquette machines, charcoal briquette extruders, coal briquette presses, shisha charcoal machines, etc.

We have an experienced engineering team to design the charcoal production solution for customers. For the charcoal briquettes plant, our engineer can go abroad to guide the installation and train the workers to operate machines. Looking forward to cooperation with you!

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How to produce charcoal from different biomass materials

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Sawdust is different from the wood lump and coconut shell, it is not suitable for carbonizing directly. So the first step is converting sawdust to briquettes, then carbonizing the sawdust briquettes to charcoal.

To make sawdust briquettes, it is important to ensure the size of the sawdust is less than 3mm, and moisture is less than 12%.

You can refer to the article Making charcoal from sawdust for more details.

The best materials for making hookah charcoal are coconut shells, bamboo, and hardwood, like oak wood, lemonwood, beech, etc.

Find more details about the best materials for making charcoal

The most commonly used binders are tapioca and cornstarch. They are healthier and cheaper than some chemical additives. Compared with clay, etc., their ash content after combustion is lower and has less impact on the quality of charcoal.

We have different machines for making various shapes and sizes of briquettes, like hexagonal, octagonal, oval, pillow, ovoid, cube, oblate, finger shape, cylindrical, triangle, rectangle, etc.

You can visit the page charcoal briquette machine for more details.

1st stage: it adopts external heating, like burning waste wood or liquid gas, to increase the inside temperature of the carbonizing chamber
2nd stage: with the temperature increasing, materials in the chamber begin pyrolysis and generate smoke and gas.
3rd stage: smoke and gas flow to the purifier, dust, wood vinegar, wood tar, etc are cleaned and left in the purifier tank, gas flow to the burning pipe at the bottom of the carbonizing chamber.
4th stage: when the gas concentration increases to a degree, it will be ignited. Then gradually stop the burning of waste wood or liquid gas, only burn the gas which generated from carbonization for heating.
5th stage: When the carbonization is about to be completed, the gas produced will gradually decrease. When the temperature on the thermometer drops to about 40 degrees, open the airtight door and take out the charcoal.

Visit the carbonizing machine page for more details.

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