Charcoal grinder is a pretreatment equipment in the production of charcoal briquettes, which is mainly used to crush large size of lump charcoal into fine charcoal powder. Fine charcoal powder is more easily mixed with water and binder by the charcoal mixer and helps to improve the quality of the charcoal briquettes.

crush lump charcoal to charcoal powder

BLTF series charcoal grinder is composed of a motor, main crushing chamber, and discharging belt conveyor. It can be fixed or mobile. The main principle is to crush large-size charcoal into a fine powder with the high-speed rotation of the hammers. The charcoal powder that meets the size of the screen mesh falls on the discharge belt through the screen mesh and is transported out. The charcoal particles that do not meet the requirements continue to be crushed in the crushing chamber until they can pass through the screen mesh. Before crushing, you can spray some water on the charcoal, which can greatly reduce the dust when crushing.

charcoal powder making machine

How to crush charcoal into powder

Technical parameters

BLTF-350 7.5kW 500-1000kg/h
BLTF-500 11kW 1000-2000kg/h

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