Wheel Grinding Charcoal Mixer


Wheel grinding mixer consists of a pair of rollers and a pair of shoveling plates. Charcoal particles are grinding into powder by the roller, and the carbon powder is blended with water and a binder evenly. It is ideal equipment for producing charcoal and coal rods, pressed pellets, honeycomb briquettes and etc.

Specifications of wheel grinding charcoal mixer

Model 1000 1200 1500 1800
Diameter 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm
Mixing capacity per time 50kg 80kg 150kg 200kg
Mixing capacity per hour 200-300kg 350-500kg 600-900kg 1000-1200kg
Power 4kW 7.5kW 11kW 15kW

How the wheel grinding charcoal mixer work

First mix starch and water to prepare a binder and set aside. Pour a certain amount of charcoal powder into the charcoal powder mixer, add the corresponding amount of binder in proportion, then start the machine and mix the materials evenly. To ensure thorough mixing, it is recommended to stir for at least ten minutes.

Double-shaft Coal Mixer Machine


Double-shaft mixer uses the synchronous rotation of two screw shafts to convey materials, and at the same time add water to mix, to achieve uniform humidification of materials and reduce dust. The humidified and mixed materials are easy to load and transport or transfer to the next processing equipment. It is mainly suitable for the humidification of coal, slag, and other similar materials in thermal power plants, mines, and other industries.

Technical parameters of double-shaft coal mixer machine

Model Capacity Groove length Paddle rotating diameter Power
350 10-15 t/h 2000 mm 350 mm 7.5 kW
400 20-40 t/h 2500 mm 400 mm 11 kW
500 20-50 t/h 2500 mm 500 mm 18.5 kW
600 30-80 t/h 3000 mm 600 mm 22 kW
700 40-100 t/h 3000 mm 700 mm 30 kW
1000 120-200 t/h 3000 mm 1000 mm 45 kW

Double-shaft coal mixer machine working video

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