The cutter of the briquette machine is an auxiliary device for the production of biomass briquettes and charcoal briquettes. It is used to cut the rod-shaped briquettes into the same length. It is mostly used with charcoal extruder machine and sawdust briquette machine.

The cutter of the sawdust briquette machine

The cutter of the sawdust briquette machine is relatively simple. By welding a slice on the circular roller, the sawdust rod can be cut to a uniform length.

The cutter for charcoal briquettes

There are several types of charcoal briquettes cutting machines, which are introduced below.

BBQ charcoal briquettes cutter


Cube hookah/shisha charcoal cutter

Some customers want to produce cube hookah charcoal, there are two cutting machines to choose from. One is a simple roll cutter, another is an automatic cutter.

Simple roll cutter

The simple roll cutter consists of a 0.75kW motor, a 1.5m belt conveyor, a manual control, and the roll blades.


Automatic roll cutter

It includes two motors, a 4.5m belt conveyor, roll blades, etc.


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