Charcoal production involves multiple processes and equipment. While we pay attention to the quality and efficiency of charcoal production, we must not ignore safety matters in production. It can be said that safety matters are the most basic and important part of production. Often a small negligence will cause irreparable losses to workers and factories. Safety matters in charcoal production must be paid enough attention to. Below we will explain one by one some safety matters in the charcoal production process and equipment use.

Equipment inspection and maintenance

1. Choose the charcoal machines with reliable quality. Don’t be too obsessed with pursuing the lowest-priced equipment. Some equipment with particularly low prices will use refurbished motors, reducers, etc. This type of product often has no safety guarantee. When customers use it, the machine is prone to heat, smoke, or even catching fire, posing great safety risks.
2. Make sure all machines and equipment are filled with lubricating oil, gear oil, etc. before use.
3. All equipment that requires power must be connected to the correct power source.
4. All equipment with motors must be idle before use to confirm that the machine has no abnormal noise and can operate normally.
5. All equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly as required.

Carbonization furnace safety matters

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1. Install the carbonization furnace outdoors or under a well-ventilated shed to facilitate the circulation and emission of smoke.
2. Do not accumulate combustible materials around the carbonization furnace to prevent fire.
3. During the operation of the carbonization furnace, other personnel except the operator are strictly prohibited from approaching or touching the furnace body to prevent burns.
4. After carbonization is completed, you need to wait until the temperature drops below 50 degrees before opening the furnace door.
5. If workers need to enter the carbonization furnace to transport charcoal, they need to wear gas masks.

Safety matters of crusher

1. When the crusher is running, it is strictly prohibited to put your hands into the feeding port.
2. Operators are recommended to wear dust masks
3. No one is allowed to stand at the discharge port of the crusher.
4. Prevent metal and other foreign objects from entering and damaging the machine

Safety matters of sawdust briquettes making machine

1. The sawdust briquette machine needs to be placed in a ventilated place or use a fan to exhaust smoke.
2. No one is allowed to stand in front of the discharge port of the sawdust briquette machine.
3. It is strictly prohibited to touch the heating parts when the machine is working.
5. When the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to put your hands into the feeding port.
6. Do not set the heating temperature too high, usually around 270 degrees for making sawdust briquettes.

Safety matters of charcoal briquette machine

1. It is strictly forbidden to touch or put your hands into the pressure roller of the briquette press machine or the feed port of the carbon extruder machine.
2. It is strictly forbidden to idle the machine for a long time

Managers of charcoal production should formulate corresponding safety production guidelines and systems, punish behaviors that do not comply with safety production, and reward those who operate in a standardized manner and continue safe production. Only by continuously improving production safety awareness and developing good safety production habits can we ensure the long-term and stable production of charcoal.

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