charcoal making process

BBQ Charcoal Briquettes Plant

BBQ charcoal briquettes plant includes a complete charcoal-making process from raw materials carbonizing to charcoal briquettes production. BBQ charcoal is a hot sell on the market. It has the features of smokeless, less ash, longer burning time, and better commodity attributes. BBQ charcoal briquettes production process The process is Materials→carbonizing→crushing→mixing→briquetting. A complete BBQ charcoal briquettes production [...]


Biomass Charcoal Briquettes Plant

Biomass materials for making charcoal Biomass materials include forest wastes, agricultural wastes, etc. Materials like coconut shells, waste wood, branches, bamboo, etc can be carbonized into charcoal directly. Some materials like sawdust from sawmills, furniture factories, bamboo sawdust from toothpick factories, etc, are not suitable for carbonization directly. How to make charcoal from sawdust? [...]


Differences between wood charcoal and activated carbon

During the communication with customers, we find that many customers make a mistake that the carbonization furnace can also produce activated charcoal. Though the two products names all include “charcoal”, actually there are many differences between them. Below are the differences between wood charcoal and activated carbon I collected, hope they can give some help [...]


Charcoal Conversion Rate

The charcoal conversion rate is a measure of how efficiently a biomass material can be converted into charcoal by pyrolysis. It is an important reference index for customers who want to invest in charcoal production. Because raw material is one of the most costly parts. How many tons of biomass materials to [...]

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