Biomass charcoal briquettes plant is consist of different machines for producing charcoal from the biomass materials. The biomass materials can be wood, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, bamboo, etc.


There are two ways of producing charcoal briquettes from biomass materials. The difference is biomass materials briquetting first or carbonizing first. Here we introduce the biomass charcoal briquettes plant with the process of producing biomass briquettes first, then carbonizing. Materials like wood sawdust, bamboo dust, and rice husk are suitable for this method. These materials are small in size, soft, and burn to ash easily. Making briquettes first can reduce the loss of materials in the carbonizing process.


For producing biomass briquettes, the materials moisture must be less than 12%. If the materials are wet, we can use a dryer to dry the materials efficiently. There are two type dryer, airflow type for small capacity, and rotary drum dryer for big capacity.


Sawdust, rice husk can be used directly for producing briquettes. But some big size biomass materials such as waste wood, cotton stalks, they need to be crushed to 3-5mm size. We can equip the crusher for processing these materials.

To know well about the process of producing bio-char from briquetting to charring. You can reference the below picture.


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