BBQ charcoal briquettes is a common goods on sale at every supermarket, like Walmart, Tesco, Costco. Compare with wood lump charcoal, BBQ charcoal briquettes have the features of smokeless, less ash, longer burning time and better commodity attributes.


In the biomass charcoal briquettes plant, we introduce the process from biomass materials to biomass briquettes, then carbonizing the biomass briquettes to charcoal briquettes. Here we introduce another process from biomass materials to charcoal, then to BBQ charcoal briquettes.


A complete BBQ charcoal briquettes production line includes the Carbonization stove, charcoal grinder, charcoal powder mixer, charcoal briquettes machine, conveyors, packing machine and etc.


Here we explain all the details of BBQ charcoal briquettes production line in the format of Q&A.

1.What kind of materials can be used for producing BBQ charcoal? any requirements on the biomass materials?


Rice hull, coconut shell, hardwood, peanut shell, bamboo and etc.

The first step is carbonization stove convert the biomass materials to charcoal. So we suggest the materials moisture is less than 20%. Actually, the drier the better. If you choose the continuous carbonization furnace, the materials size should be less than 5cm.

2.How to choose the suitable carbonization stove?

Small BBQ charcoal briquettes producing capacity, big size materials (no shredding), like coconut shell, wood lump, wood branches, bamboo, you can choose common airflow carbonization furnace.

Big charcoal production capacity, small size materials, like rice husk, shredded coconut shell, wood chips, you can choose continuous carbonization furnace.

In the real situation, budget is also an important factor, case by case, the above are only for reference.

3.Charcoal grinder, the lump charcoal need to be crushed into powder. Particles Which size less than 1mm should be controlled at 30-40%. One more point, choose the hammer type grinder, choose the charcoal grinder with dust collector.

4.What kind of binder can be used in charcoal briquettes?

Usually we recommend customers use corn starch, cassave starch as binder. They are natural, non-toxic, and low cost.

5.How much water should be add in the charcoal powder mixer?

It depends on the initial water content of materials. After mixing, the water content should be 8%-10%. A simple method to judge the moisture of mixed charcoal powder reach standard. grasp mixed charcoal powder, squeeze it by hand, if the charcoal powder can form together and no water squeeze out, the charcoal water content is ok.

6.How many shapes BBQ charcoal briquettes can be produced?

Charcoal powder extruder-Hexagonal shape, square shape

Charcoal Briquettes press-Pillow shape, oval shape

Shisha charcoal tablet machine-various shape

Various Shape BBQ-charcoal-briquettes

7.How to dry the BBQ charcoal briquettes?

The most affordable is change an old house to drying room or build a drying room. Another way is using a dryer, we suggest the belt dryer, but its cost is expensive.