Project Description

Charcoal extruder is a screw-type forming machine to produce rod shape briquettes from charcoal. As it also can be used for pressing coal and semi-coke powder, it is also called a coal briquette machine. This machine has a compact design, including the electric motor, reduction box, feeding hopper, screw propelling part, discharging hole, machine base, etc.

Charcoal extruder machine

Screw coal briquette extruder working principle

The charcoal extruder machine adopts the principle of screw extrusion to compress the coal/charcoal powder into shaped briquettes. After the charcoal powder is poured into the feeding hopper, it is propelling forward to the discharging hole of the briquette machine by the screw. From the screw chamber to the mold, space is becoming smaller. Under the tremendous pressure, charcoal passes through the molds and finally form into certain shapes. 

Check the below video to see how the charcoal rod extrusion machine work

Application of charcoal rod making machine

Besides the charcoal and coal, this extruding machine can also produce briquettes from coke, sludge, cow dung, etc. For making good quality briquettes, charcoal powder size must be less than 3mm, and moisture around 20%. To meet the requirements of different customers, mold shape can be hexagonal, square, circular, etc. Moreover, customers can choose to produce hollow or solid briquettes and the briquettes diameter range is 3-50mm.

Briquettes automatic cutter

To extend the application of the charcoal extruder machine, we usually equip it with an automatic cutter. Just as its name implies, it can cut the briquettes automatically to the same length. This small device increases the production efficiency a lot and improves the appearance of the briquettes. Furthermore, with the help of an automatic cutter, the charcoal screw extrusion machine can be used for producing cubic shisha charcoal.

charcoal briquette automatic cutter

Charcoal extruder machine with an automatic cutter working video

Technical Parameters of charcoal rods extruder machine

ModelPowerCapacityThe size for final pelletMachine sizeWeight

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