Home wood pellet maker is a small and portable biomass pellet-making equipment. It is low-cost and easy to operate, perfect for making your own pellets at home or starting a small-scale pellet-making business. This small wood pellet machine can be driven by electricity, a diesel engine, or tractor PTO.

home wood pellets

Materials for making wood pellets

Same as making biomass briquettes, pellets can be made from any type of waste wood or agro-Forestry waste, including wood sawdust, leaves, grass, cornstalks, cardboard, switchgrass, pinecones, hay, nut shells, corncobs, tobacco waste, straw, animal waste, and so on.

biomass materials for making wood pellets

Production process of making pellets

For making wood pellets, the size of materials should be below 5mm and the moisture should be below 20%. In case of some big sizes and high moisture materials, clients should buy the wood crusher and sawdust dryer upon actual need. Besides, there are also cooler, vibrating screens, packing machines, dust collectors and etc as auxiliary equipment. The whole production process is Materials–Crushing–Drying–Pelletizing–Packing.

production process of making wood pellets

3 types of home wood pellet maker

All of our home wood pellet machines are flat-molded. In order to meet the different needs, we have introduced different power types of pellet press, respectively for electric, diesel, and tractor PTO power.

electric home wood pellet maker
Diesel engine home wood pellet press
Tractor PTO wood pellet mill

Spare parts of flat die home pellet maker

The die and the press roll are the wearing parts of the household pellet machine. The hole diameter of the mold is from 2.5-10mm. Regarding the press roll, you can choose to change a whole roll or only change the roll’s outer shell.

spare parts of flat die pellet machine

Technical parameters of home wood pellet maker

Model BLPM-200 BLPM-300 BLPM-400
Power 7.5kW/15HP 22kW/35HP 30kW/55HP
Capacity 100-200kg/h 200-300kg/h 400-600kg/h
Pellet size 4-10mm 4-10mm 4-10mm
Dimension 1*0.5*1.1m 1.3*0.6*1.2m 1.5*0.7*1.3m
Weight 350kg 650kg 850kg

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