Pillow charcoal machine is a roller type briquette press that can compress charcoal/coal powder into ball, oval, ovoid, egg, and pillow shape briquettes. It includes a pair of compression rolls with grooves, they are the main parts for the briquettes forming. You can produce different shapes and sizes of briquettes by changing the rolls of the briquette machine.

pillow charcoal press machine

Materials for making pillow charcoal briquettes

Raw materials for making the charcoal briquettes need to meet the following requirements.

  1. Materials size. The size of charcoal materials must be less than 5mm.
  2. Binder. To make the solid charcoal briquettes, you can add a binder mixing with the charcoal and water by the charcoal mixer. To produce instant ignite charcoal briquettes, you can also add chemicals.
  3. Humidity. The suggested humidity of charcoal materials is around 30%. In the charcoal briquette process, customers can test different humidity materials to find the most suitable humidity.

Different shapes of briquettes made by roller briquette press

The coal press machine can be widely used in different industries. Besides charcoal and coal powder, it can also be used for compressing and forming gypsum, mineral powder, metal powder, etc. That’s why this machine is hot sell to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, India, Thailand, UK, America, etc countries.

Various shape briquettes

Spare parts of pillow charcoal briquette press

The compression roller is the key part of the pillow charcoal briquette machine. Because of the high pressure and friction with the charcoal powder and particles, it is also a vulnerable part. When we purchase the spare parts of the charcoal briquette press, in addition to the price, it is also important for us to know about its material, shape, size, design, and maintenance. We have a page specially talking about the Briquette Machine Press Roller.

pillow charcoal machine spare parts

Technical parameters of pillow BBQ charcoal machine

Model Capacity Power Size
BLYQ-290 2-3t/h 5.5kW 1.25*1.25*1.4m
BLYQ-360 3-4t/h 7.5kW 1.5*1.5*1.8m
BLYQ-430 4-6t/h 15kW 1.7*1.7*1.8

How the pillow charcoal machine work

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