Project Description

Coconut shell charcoal making machine is a newly designed rotary drying and carbonizing machine. Compare with a common airflow carbonization furnace and self-ignite carbonization stove, its feature is able to produce charcoal continuously. The entire charcoal production process is smokeless and no pollution to the environment.

whole set coconut shell carbonizer

Biomass Materials for making charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal making machine can process a wide range of raw materials, such as coconut shells, wood chips, rice husk, bamboo chips, sunflower seed shells, coffee shells, palm shell, and other biomass materials.

It can carbonize the materials directly which meet the requirements of size<50mm, moisture<30%. Otherwise, you need to use a crusher and dryer to pretreat the materials at first.

materials for continuous carbonizing

Coconut shell charcoal production process

  1. Pre-heating. It needs a gas furnace (liquefied gas or natural gas) for preheating the carbonizing part.
  2. When the internal temperature rises to a certain degree, start to feed coconut shell. Then coconut shells pass through the carbonization furnace pipeline drying and charring.
  3. When the materials raise to a certain temperature, they start to pyrolyze and generate flue gas. The flue gas will be processed by the flue purifying device, and then sent to the self-contained burner for continuously heating the carbonizing part.
  4. Stop the gas furnace work gradually to shut down. From now on, only use the self-produced flue gas for heating.
  5. Continuous feeding materials, the coconut shell charcoal discharge continuously. The whole system enter the continuous charring stage.
  6. The end product coconut shell charcoal can be used for making various shape charcoal briquettes, such as BBQ charcoal, shisha charcoal and etc.

How the coconut shell charcoal making machine work

How to deliver coconut shell charcoal making machineĀ 

Carbonization furnace HS code is 8417809090

A complete set coconut shell making machine needs one 40ft container. We load the goods in our factory with our experienced workers. All parts will be well packed and fixed in case of any damage in transportation.


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