Box type charcoal briquettes dryer is used to reduce the moisture of charcoal briquettes. It is a batch dryer consist of thermal insulation boards, trolleys (optional), trays (optional), fans, an electric control panel, etc. The big-size box type dryer is also called a drying room.

box type charcoal briquette dryer

Box type charcoal briquettes dryer working principle

Usually, there will be around 30% moisture in the charcoal briquettes after it is pressed. This makes the charcoal can not be sold or used directly. And under normal temperature, it will need 2-5 days to dry. In order to shorten the drying time and increase production efficiency, we designed the charcoal briquettes drying machine. It can be used for drying different shapes and sizes of charcoal briquettes.

Different shape charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes are placed on the trays, and these trays are put on the trolley layer by layer. The air is drawn in the box by the fan and heated to the set temperature. Hot air flows in the box to take away the water vapor and dry the charcoal briquettes.

trolley and tray of charcoal drying house

Tray and Trolley of charcoal drying room

The size of the tray and trolley can be customized according to the different sizes of the dryer. Besides, the tray and trolley can also be made of 304 stainless steel for drying fruit slices, vegetables, meats, herbs, etc. You can also choose to purchase or make the trolley and tray in your local, we can provide you the drawings.

box type dryer for drying fruits, vegetables, meats, fishes

Technical Parameters of Box type Drying Machine

Model Size Power Trolley quantity Capacity
BLHX-2 4.0*1.6*2.5m 1.75kW 2 300-600kg/batch
BLHX-6 7.2*2.3*2.5m 3.16kW 6 600-1000kg/batch
BLHX-12 10.2*3.3*2.5m 4.05kW 12 1000-2000kg/batch
BLHX-24 15.5*3.3*2.8m 6.52kW 24 2000-4000kg/batch