What’s carbonization rotary kiln

Carbonization rotary kiln is a newly designed machine for making charcoal. Comparing with the airflow carbonization furnace, its greatest feature is to produce charcoal continuously, not batch production. The entire charcoal production process is smokeless, and no pollution to the environment.

Continuous carbonization furnace

Structure of rotary carbonization furnace

The complete set of rotary carbonization furnace includes the main kiln body, combustion heating system, smoke purification system, gasifier, conveyors, electric control cabinet, etc. The thermal insulation material of the main kiln body is rock wool.

structure of rotary carbonization kiln

Biomass materials for carbonizing

The rotary carbonization furnace is suitable for charring the biomass materials which are in small pieces.  For example, coconut shells, wood chips, rice husk, coffee husk, bamboo chips, sunflower seed shells, coffee shells, palm shells, etc.

When you use this machine for producing charcoal, we suggest the size of materials not bigger than 50mm. Though the carbonization rotary kiln has the function of drying, we don’t suggest carbonizing the wet materials directly, it will affect the carbonizing efficiency and charcoal quality. So it is better that make sure the moisture of materials is less than 30%.

charcoal made from rice husk, wood chips, and coconut shells

Continuous carbonization machine working process

  1. Pre-heating. In this stage, connect the gasifier with the gas tank, use the liquefied gas or natural gas for preheating the main kiln body.
  2. When the internal temperature rises to the set degree, start to feed materials (w00d chips, coconut shells, etc). With the rotating of the carbonization drum, materials will be dried first to remove the water vapor.
  3. The temperature inside of the drum keeps increasing. After the drying stage is finished, materials will start to pyrolyze and generate flue gas. The flue gas contains combustible gas, dust, etc. The flue gas will be purified by the purifying tanks, and the combustible gas is sent to the combustion box which is at the bottom of the kiln body for burning.
  4. With more and more combustible gas is sent to the combustion box, fire is becoming bigger. Then the operator can stop the work of the gasifier gradually to shut down. From now on, only use the self-produced gas for heating.
  5. Continuous feeding materials, charcoal is discharged continuously. The whole system enters the continuous charring stage.
rotary carbonizer to Ghana

How to operate the rotary carbonization furnace

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