Project Description

Wood log debarker is a kind of lumber processing machine for removing the barks from logs. It adopts the slot type design which can peel different length woods. The main working part of this debarking machine is the two rollers. There are many scraping tooth welds on the rollers. When the wood debarking machine working, the two rollers are rotating and the teeth scrape off the bark from logs. So it is also called a double-roller wood debarker.


Application range of wood log debarker

The wood log debarking machine is suitable for peeling freshly cut coniferous wood and some hardwoods, and it can also be used for peeling some frozen wood and dry wood. So it is widely used in large, medium, and small paper mills and pulp mills, as well as other wood processing enterprises, such as wood chip mills, sawmills, wood-based panel mills (plywood mills, medium density fiberboard mills), etc. It has a wide range of applications and is supporting equipment suitable for assembly line operations and automated production.


In charcoal production and wood pellet production, to produce superior quality charcoal and pellets, the wood debarking machine will be needed. 

Features of wood log debarker

  1. The double-roller wood peeling machine adopts an open silo, which can feed in from one end and discharge from the other end. The assembly line operation overcomes the shortcomings of the intermittent operation of the old drum peeling machine.
  2. Due to the effect of the teeth on the wood, it not only makes the wood circulate in the groove but also can rotate around itself, so the peeling efficiency is high. It has a good peeling effect on eucalyptus, poplar, and other difficult-to-peel tree species, with a peeling rate of over 95%.
  3. It has strong adaptability to wood and can peel off wood sections of different tree species, diameter (50-300mm), length, and shape. Because the wood rotates and beats irregularly, the concave part of the curved wood section can also be in good contact with the peeling teeth. The stripping rate of curved logs is much higher than that of the old drum type.
  4. Simple structure, low energy consumption, and low failure rate. Vibration and noise are much lower than drum peeling machine, the machine can be produced on the ground, even without additional installation, easy to use.

How the wood log debarking machine work

Technical Parameters

Name Wood log debarking machine
Wood diameter (mm)50-300200-600400-800
Wood length (m)0.5-20.5-20.5-2
Capacity (TPH)6-810-1215-18
Debarking rate (%)Fresh log >95%
Dry log > 90%
Fresh log >95%
Dry log > 90%
Fresh log >95%
Dry log > 90%
Roller diameter (mm)275530710
Roller rotational speed (rpm)230200180
Roller length (mm)500500500
Power (kw)7.5 x 215 x 230 x 2
Weight (T)3.55.58
Size (L x W x H) (m)6 x 1.6 x 1.556 x 2 x 1.86 x 2.5 x 2

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