Disc wood chipper is a wood processing machine for cutting or chipping wood materials into small to medium-sized wood pieces. It features a steel disc and Alloy cutting blades. The size of wood chips is 15-35mm.


Compared with drum chippers, disc wood chippers are smaller in size, and lower in price. The disc wood chipper can be made into a fixed type or a mobile type, and the power can also be made into an electric drive or a diesel drive. Its use scenarios are wider. They can also be customized according to the requirements of different customers.

The following are the different types of disc wood chippers

Disc wood chipper with side feeding and horizontal feeding
Mobile wood chipper
Diesel wood chipper (horizontal feeding)

Wood chips are widely used in both industry and agriculture

1. Wood chips are the raw material of density board
2. Wood chips can be made into machine-made charcoal
3. Biomass pellets
4. Raw materials for paper making
5. Culture medium for edible fungi
6. Use as compost
7. Garden mulch
8. As a soil and water conservation raw material that absorbs water

Model Power Capacity Feeding port size Disc diameter Spindle speed Blade quantity
BLXP-420 7.5kW 0.5-1t/h 15*15cm 420mm 600r/min 3pcs
BLXP-600 15kW 1-2t/h 15*18cm 600mm 600r/min 3pcs
BLXP-800 30kW 2-4t/h 20*20cm 735mm 550r/min 4pcs
BLXP-950 37kW 4-6t/h 23*25cm 830mm 550r/min 4pcs
BLXP-1150 75kW 6-8t/h 30*33cm 1150mm 600r/min 4pcs
BLXP-1410 110kW 8-10t/h 40*40cm 1410mm 600r/min 4pcs

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