Hammer wood mill crusher working principle

A hammer wood mill is mainly composed of a machine shell, shaft, hammers, screen, wear-resistant liner, draught fan, cyclone, and etc.

When the hammer mill crusher is working, the motor drives the rotating shaft to rotate, and the hammers on the rotating shaft will also rotate at high speed along with the rotating shaft. The wood material is sent into the crushing chamber from the feeding port and will be crushed soon under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammers. If the crushed material reaches the required fineness, it will be sent to the discharge port through the screen by airflow, otherwise, it will remain in the crushing chamber until it is crushed to the required size. For large-capacity hammer mill machines, we usually equip an independent fan to assist with the discharge of sawdust.


Materials that can be crushed by wood hammer mill

  1. The raw materials with sticky, oily, or too high water content are not suitable for processing with a hammer mill crusher
  2. Wood with a diameter of more than 4cm or a thickness of more than 4cm is not suitable for crushing directly with a hammer crusher. Generally, we recommend working with a wood chipper machine. First, use a wood chipper to cut the thick wood into wood chips, and then smash the wood chips into sawdust with a hammer mill. This can not only improve the yield but also reduce the machine’s loss.
  3. In addition to the common wood, bark, wood chips, shavings, templates, etc., the hammer mill can also crush the crop stalk, corn, nutshell, peanut shell, etc.

Spare parts of wood hammer mill

The hammers and screens are the spare parts of the hammer mill machine that we often recommend customers buy with it.

The hammers are the main working part of the hammer mill, which has a great influence on the crushing performance. There are many shapes of the hammer, the common ones are rectangle, step shape, sharp rhombus, and so on. Because the crushing performance of rectangular hammers is better than other types of hammers, most of our hammer milling machines use rectangular hammers.

The edges and corners of the hammer are usually welded with a special wear-resistant alloy. Compared with ordinary hammers, although the cost is increased, the exchange is a longer service life and higher crushing efficiency. The hammer usually has one or two pinholes, which can be exchanged for use, prolonging the working period of the hammer.

The main function of the screen is to control the size of the output. Finished products of different sizes can be produced by replacing screens with different apertures.

Spare parts of wood hammer mill crusher

Different types of wood hammer mill

Electric wood hammer mill and Diesel hammer crusher

According to different driving methods, the hammer mill can be divided into electric type, diesel type, PTO driven type, etc. A base with wheels can also be added for easy movement.

Electric and diesel hammer mill

Technical parameters of electric wood hammer mill

Model 500 600 800
Hammer quantity 40pcs 50pcs 70pcs
Hammer thickness 6mm 8mm 8mm
Driving motor 22kW 37kW 55kW
Fan motor 7.5kW 7.5kW
Capacity 500-1000kg/h 1000-1500kg/h 1500-2000kg/h

How the electric wood hammer mill machine work

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Large wood chips crusher

A large hammer mill is usually composed of a wood chipper, a conveyor, a hammer mill, a cyclone, an airlock, a dust bag, etc. It is mostly used for large-scale wood pellet production, etc.


Technical parameters of large wood hammer mill

Model 1000 1300 1500
Swing diameter 720mm 820mm 920mm
Hammer quantity 70pcs 126pcs 140pcs
Hammer thickness 8mm 8mm 8mm
Feeding port size 800*350mm 1000*400mm 1300*450mm
Main shaft speed 2200r/min 2000r/min 1800r/min
Driving motor 75kW 90kW 110kW
Fan motor 7.5kW 11kW 15kW
Capacity 2500-3000kg/h 3500-4000kg/h 4500-5500kg/h

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